Like a River Glorious - Introduction

A stirring story of faith, sacrifice and adventure on the Zambezi River,
by Dr G.G.BarnettLike a River Glorious Book Cover Recently released is the third edition of this unique story capturing conditions in colonial central Africa the memory of which is steadily being lost in the mists of time.

South African ISBN 0-620-32098-2980620 320986

Gavin penned this biography of his mother, Dorothy, focusing on this harsh and inhospitable landscape with its tropical diseases, superstitious practices, dangers from wild animals and travel hazards. Poignant, moving and wry in parts, the story unfolds as seen through his young eyes.

The problems of ignorance, illiteracy and the constant struggle for survival
in a hostile environment provide a counterpoint to the adventurous,
capricious and tragic events that befell his heroic mother. Re-constructing
these events required painstaking international research to track down
documents mentioned in his motherís letters.